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By   October 11, 2015

It takes a long time to spread enough water to penetrate deep into the root zone and it’s really tough spreading the water evenly. Instead, use a sprinkler. Put out several empty cans and let the sprinkler run until all of the cans have an inch of water in them. You might have to move the sprinkler a few times to get even coverage, but even the simplest sprinkler will apply the water more evenly than a hose.

Oscillating sprinklers water a rectangular area evenly

Oscillating sprinklers water a rectangular area evenly

Watering with a hose nozzle is ok for new seedlings after the initial thorough watering and before your grass sprouts as you only need to keep the surface moist. Seeds will germinate faster if they are kept moist.

Putting down water is a fairly simple task and there are many types of sprinklers available to do the job. Some might be easier to use depending on the size and shape of the area of your lawn. Larger areas might also require moving hoses and sprinkles from time to time, and some styles are easier to use than others. We’ll look at installed systems on another page, here’s a brief summary of what’s available for portable sprinklers:

Rotating sprinklers are simple and inexpensive. Look for one with multiple nozzles (water outlets) for even coverage, and wheels or a sled base so that you can move it by dragging the hose without getting wet. Their main drawback is that they have a round watering pattern which doesn’t fit well on most lawns.

Oscillating sprinklers are also inexpensive. These cover a square or rectangular area well and have even coverage. Some have pattern size controls and a timer.

Impulse or pulsating sprinklers are the ones that make the click-click-click sound as the head goes around. They cost slightly more than a rotating sprinkler but are still inexpensive. Most have controls for distance and water flow. Generally, this type of sprinkler breaks the water droplets up into a finer spray for a more gentle application (good for flowers and new lawns).

Sprinkler hoses provide an even, gentle spray, but are a real nuisance to place and move. They are better for gardens where they can stay in place.