Planting Grass

There’s more to planting a lawn than just throwing down some seed. Think of it as a redecorating project, the results are going to be there for a long time. Do a good job, and it will pay you back with years of easy care and good looks. Cut a few corners, and you’ll spend many times the dollars and time that you save in extra required work and care.

Have you ever seen a builder’s lawn…the kind that they plant to make a new house look good? They’re often planted with a quick growing seed, bordering on weed grass, so that the lawn fills in quickly and without much care. It looks great from a distance, but up close, the blades look coarse and the grass is thin. As it matures, the texture gets even heavier and the grasses seem to stick out in all directions. Mowing it evenly is almost impossible, and since the seed was bred to grow quickly, it needs mowing often. Some of the seed that was annual dies off after the first winter, leaving patches of thin coarse grass mixed in with the weeds.

We’re going to look at how to avoid this mess with a few simple steps. Growing a good easy care lawn doesn’t add much to the cost, cuts down on the maintenance, and is a lot more enjoyable to own.