Lawn Grooming

There’s nothing else like the smell of fresh cut grass. For many, it’s the smell of nature. For some, lawn grooming smells best if they do the work themselves, for others, fresh mown grass smells even sweeter when the lawn grooming is provided by a lawn care service.


lawnmower_newWhichever way you prefer, it’s one of the most identifiable smells of nature. Drive through the suburbs on a summer weekend, and the smell is non-stop. Just as you begin to leave the fragrance range of one lawn, you enter another.

Here’s an interesting fact, according to the Associated Press, the only scent to win EU trademark protection so far is the smell of freshly cut grass. The smell was registered by a Dutch perfume company that uses it to give tennis balls their aroma!

This section covers how to groom your lawn, the reasons why frequent mowing is important to your lawn’s overall health and good looks, and the tools that help you do it.