Garden Features

Garden features are the highlights of your design.  A feature might be as simple as a single planting or seating area.  For others, a swimming pool becomes the center of your backyard universe.  And for some it’s a statue or waterfall.  We’ll look at a few ideas in this section.

Bird feeders are probably the most popular and least expensive garden features.

Bird feeders are probably the most popular and least expensive garden features.

Our first garden features were bird feeders.  We always had a bird feeder of one type or another, even back to our pre-house apartment days when we had to place it on our windowsill.  Watching the birds is often more entertaining than watching the TV. Adding a feeder, bird bath, bird house, or even a butterfly garden are inexpensive and add character and enjoyment to your easy gardens.

Years ago when my family was young, our idea of garden features was a big open space for the kids to play and a fenced off area for my vegetable garden.  It worked and was functional, but it wasn’t a place to relax and enjoy the outsides.  Us adults ended up sitting on the raised deck and watching the kids.

As the kids began to grow, we started adding some more garden features.  The first addition was a simple metal playset with swings and a slide that later gave way to a deluxe version.  The kids had a ball on it which made us happy, but in time they outgrew it.  An add on Craigslist quickly found a new home for it and a little bit of cash for us.  Now we had the time and space to begin a real garden with landscaping, comfortable shaded areas, and a few garden features for highlight.

This section will look at an array of garden features that work well with easy gardens.  Our aim is to add inexpensive improvements that can add enjoyment without a lot of upkeep.