Broadleaf Evergreen Shrubs

By   April 11, 2016

Broadleaf evergreen shrubs include all evergreen shrubs that are not conifers. Evergreens are easier to care for than deciduous shrubs. They may be the only color in your garden during winter months.

Most broadleaf evergreen shrubs require a limited amount of pruning. While providing year-round color, broadleaf evergreen shrubs tolerate many types of soils and add contrast and character to any landscape. Most popular varieties of broadleaf evergreen shrubs include Buxus, Cistus, and Escallonia.

Popular Broadleaf Evergreen Shrubs


Holly broadleaf evergreen shrubs with red berries

Holly is a favorite evergreen shrub in the northern US. Green shiny foliage adds interest year round, and white blossoms lead to red berries in the fall.

Blue holly is a tall upright broadleaf evergreen shrub. It may grow as high as 15 feet but is often pruned to as shorter height. Its spiny foliage is blue-green and glossy. The stems are dark purple. Blue holly produces tiny white flowers in early spring, which are followed by dark red berries which attract birds and last all winter. This shrub grows in zones 4 to 7.

Tea Olive is an evergreen shrub withs tiny fragrant blossoms in fall. Its sweet fragrance is similar to the smell of peaches. Some species of tea olive may grow up to 30 feet high, but most tea olive plants that are used as shrubs grow up tp 10 feet high. Tea Olives can be pruned down to 4 feet, and can be utilized as a hedge plant or as an individual specimen plant. It grows in an acidic soil that is fertile and moist.

Camelia shrub with a red bloom

Camellias have attractive foliage and spectacular flowers.

Camellia shrubs are attractive plants that prefer slightly acidic soil. These shrubs are hardy and grow through zone 8. Camellia is a long-lived shrub. It must be pruned immediately after blooms fade. This shrub is suited to foundation plantings or background planting along a fence or wall.

Japanese Pieris is commonly called lily of the valley. It produces tiny white or pink sweetly scented flowers in early spring. Its flowers hang on stems clustered at the tips of the branches. They are followed by fruit which hangs like strings of pearls. Japanese Pieris requires a well-drained and acid soil that in rich in organic material. This broadleaf evergreen shrub thrives in shade and also looks great under a large tree.

White flower on a Gardenia

White flower on a Gardenia

Gardenia is among the most grown broadleaf evergreen shrubs. They are mostly grown for their large scented white blossoms and grow 4 to 6 feet tall. Its foliage is dense and shiny. Gardenia shrubs require moist and well-drained soil. Gardenias grow in full sun or partial shade in zones 8 to 11.