Potting Bulbs

By   March 9, 2016

Potting bulbs is an easy landscape enhancement.  There are all sorts of containers available, and you don’t need a lot of space.

Potting bulbs is easy to do with caladiums.

Caladium is an excellent choice for potty bulbs. It’s easy to grow, has bright colors, and grows in shade.

Plastic containers these days look just like pottery or concrete, and they have the added advantage of being light. When when you are planting bulbs in pots and the bulbs are flowering you will probably not notice your containers anyway.

Choose pots that have a lot of drainage holes, cover these drainage holes with a fine netting and this will stop you losing potting mix out of the bottom of the pot.

Potting bulbs can be done quite cheaply, and they have the advantage of multiplying each year. Even expensive bulbs become cheaper after they have been divided a few times.

If you are into planting spring bulbs and would like a large mixed pot, fill your container half full of potting mix and twist your large bulbs carefully down, keeping them in a group, cover each successive layer with potting mix and gently layer your bulbs from large to small until you reach the top, plant them closely together to ensure a mass of flowers, top off with potting mix and soak well, put in a shady spot until leaves appear. Then when the bulbs flower you can take them inside for the season and fill your house with a wonderful variety of colors and perfumes.

Potting Bulbs

If you are a beginner, you will be surprised how easy potting bulbs is. You will have a green thumb before you know it.

Some gardeners like to plant a pot with spring bulbs that give flowers, all the same, color.  An all yellow or all red planting is striking.  You can grow several pots, each pot a different color, then put all the pots together for a magnificent display.

Potted Bulb Care

The most common cause of failure with bulbs in pots is a lack of water, keep the soil moist and you will have a wonderful display of colorful flowers. Having said that, never over water Crocus and their likes.

After the season is over you can put the plants outside to complete their growth cycle until the leaves have withered.  Most bulbs do not like to be left in pots over summer, so in summer it will pay you to tip the potting mix out and store the bulbs dry, this way your bulbs will not rot and should flower again next year.