Add a Garden Fountain Feature

By   January 8, 2016

There’s something about a garden fountain that adds appeal to a garden.  Maybe it’s the architectural design or maybe it’s the bubbling or trickling water that attracts us.  Or maybe it’s just that we need something simple to occupy our mind.

Whatever the reason, a garden fountain has become very popular as a centerpiece feature.  They’re smaller relatives of the big ones that grace parks and landmarks and are surprisingly affordable.  A handy person can build their own, but hey, this blog is named “easy gardens”, so we’re going to look at the easy way and see what is available ready made.

Garden Fountain Location

A popular garden fountain made of driftwood

Driftwood Fountain. Click for more information.

The first step is to plan your garden fountain location.  Where a park fountain is big enough to grab your attention anywhere, most garden fountains would look lost in the middle of the lawn.  Yours will be better near a patio or sitting area and surrounded by seating and plantings.  It doesn’t take much; often an existing flower bed is adequate.

Until recently, your fountain had to be near an electric source that added a bit of work.  Hard wiring or extension cords are still the preferred installations for fountains that are close to a power source; but pace solar fountains just about anywhere.  Fountains are made out of all sorts of materials.  There are lots of styles to choose from.  Choose a garden fountain that matches your attitude, decor, and location.  The only important requirements are that they are made from corrosion resistant materials and that the electrical components are safe.

Stone and porcelain are traditional materials, but synthetic stone or fiberglass can be indistinguishable from natural materials unless you look at the price tag.  A cast fountain is much less expensive than one that has been hand chiseled.  Copper and stainless steel are also popular.  Insist on UL listed pumps and wiring, CUL in Canada.

Check out this link Outdoor Fountains for ideas.  They’re the online leader and have been around for a long time.

I’ll include some others in later posts.
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