Lawn Tools

By   October 14, 2015

Maintaining your lawn only requires a few lawn tools. You don’t have to go overboard, but when you buy tools, select good quality. The basics include:

  • Lawn mower: Choose gas, electric, riding, or manual. Mowers are covered in depth on another page.

    Assortment of basic lawn tools

    Assortment of basic lawn tools

  • Leaf rake. Choose one that’s lightweight and large enough to cover ground quickly.  Bamboo has been the traditional light weight material, but it dries out and breaks easily.  Plastic has become the material of choice.  I like to use a metal leaf rake for my gardens and tough to rake areas, but it’s noticeably heavier than plastic.  The weight is ok for a small areas … my old arms can’t handle it over large areas.
  • Garden rake, either flathead or bowhead for seeding.
  • Long handle shovel.  Your first shovel should have a tapered and sharpened blade to cut through the ground and sod easily, a rolled top to make it easier to push with a foot, and a handle long enough to use without bending over.  Other styles can be added later.
  • Lawn cart or wheelbarrow. Some of the new lawn carts are easier to use than the traditional wheelbarrow for light jobs.
  • Rotary spreader. Drop spreaders are ok, but the cost of rotary spreaders have come down so that if you have a large area, rotary is the way to go.
  • Hose. We have a whole page on hoses here.
  • Nozzle and sprinkler. More on sprinklers here.

Always buy good quality lawn tools. Better quality tools will last longer and, in many cases, be easier to use. Lawn work goes a lot easier when you have a rake with a handle that’s long enough to avoid bending over or a shovel with a handle thick enough to hold easily. Many good quality lawn tools can be purchased inexpensively at yard sales or flea markets.

Oops, I left off the most important tool there is. Be sure to pick up a half pound of elbow grease! ;-))