Easy Lawns and Gardens

I have always wanted to have a great lawn and garden.  It’s the amount of work that has kept me from reaching my goal.  So over the years, I reached a compromise.  My lawn and gardens are darn good … better than most in my suburban neighborhood, yet I have learned how to maintain them with a minimum of work.  The ideas in this blog are my way of building versions of easy lawns and gardens.

Have time to enjoy your easy lawn and gardens

Have time to enjoy your easy lawn and gardens

Some of my easy lawn and garden ideas are rooted in science as I have had schooling in plant physiology (a degree that I never otherwise used!), and some of them are based on common sense and Yankee ingenuity.  My goal has always been to have the lawn and garden look great yet still have time to enjoy them.

Many of these ideas are based on New England conditions although they will apply as well to most of the northern half of the USA.  Others come from friends and family scattered across the country and from spending winters in Florida.

Lawns and gardens are a big industry. There’s a gadget for everything. Just looking at the amount of space that Walmart or Home Depot devoted to lawn and garden backs that up.  We’ll sort through some of them and try to separate the useful from the useless and the good from the bad.

Having a lawn is part of the American suburban dream. Having easy lawns that looks great and don’t take all of your time is even better.  It really doesn’t have to be all that complex. Planning well and choosing materials wisely can simplify your easy lawns and pay big dividends in time saved.